• Mapping Festival

    Registrations are open for the next workshops of Mapping Festival, dedicated to audio-visual art and digital culture (May 7 to 17 2015).

    Articulated around various themes and technological explorations, conducted by international instructors who are specialists in their respective fields, the six workshops will be spread over the two weeks of the festival.

    Check www.mappingfestival.com for information and registration.
    Deadline: April 5th 2015!

    Agit P.O.V. - Bike hacking with led lights (May 8 - 9)
    Workshop conducted by Alexandre Castonguay (CA) and Mariángela Aponte Núñez (CO)

    During this workshop, the participants will mount a 12-LED circuit, a micro-controller and a battery on their bicycle wheel. They will then be able to use persistence of vision (POV) effect to illuminate the streets during a mobile performance.

    Game Design - Short Fiction to Board Game Adaptation (May 8 - 9)
    Workshop conducted by Eddo Stern (US) and Douglas E. Stanley (CH)
    In collaboration with the HEAD - Geneva

    This workshop/masterclass will address various questions related to game design with Arduinity. The instructors will specifically discuss short fiction to life-size board game adaptation.

    The Tricodeur - Knitting & Coding (May 8 - 10)
    Workshop conducted by Sew&Laine + Louis Eveillard (FR)

    The Tricodeur is a hacked knitting machine, which participants will use to address generative design through the creation of simple shapes, enabling the materialization of their knowledge of code on wool knit support.

    Opera III - Dance and Interaction (May 8 - 10)
    Workshop conducted by Giuseppe Bucci (CH) and Charles Mugel (CH)
    In collaboration with the Fête de la danse

    This workshop/masterclass proposes to the participants to discover the setup of a choreographic work, and to explore possibilities and constraints related to interaction between movement, sound and visuals thanks to a sensors system mounted on the dancer’s costume.

    LED Club Design (May 11 -13)
    Workshop conducted by Adrien Boulanger (FR), Yon Aliaga (CH), Gaël Abegg-Gauthey (FR), Quentin Berthet (CH)

    This workshop will explore the setting-up of a scenography using LED light bars, specially designed for an evening party at the Zoo Club (Geneva). The participants will have the occasion to run the installation during the Mapping Festival opening club night.

    Mapping Playground (May 12 - 16)
    Workshop conducted by CHiKA (US/JP), Mike Latona (BE), Matt Mets (US) + MAD team (FR/CH) & special guests

    During 5 days, the participants will explore new techniques for software, electronics, LED lights, video mapping and interactive installations - all in one place. After learning how to manage and execute an installation, they will turn their ideas into a public exhibition at the end of the workshop.

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  • Mapping Festival



    Mapping Festival, dedicated to audio-visual art and digital culture, celebrates this year its 10th edition from May 22 to June 1 2014.

    After its success in 2013, we repeat the formula discerning professional workshops from events intended for the public. Articulated around various themes and technological explorations, conducted by international instructors who are specialists in their respective fields, the six workshops will be spread over the two weeks of the festival.

    Informations and subscriptions on our website:


    Deadline: April 7th 2014!

    NY MAPPATHON (May 28 to 30)

    Conducted by CHiKA (US) with collaborators Anton Marini (US), Tom Butterworth (UK) and David Lublin (US).
    NY Mappathon, a workshop focused on learning projection mapping, aims to create a site specific installation through collaborative work.

    MAPPING 2.0 (May 24 to 28)

    Conducted by Mike Latona (BE).
    Intended for video artists wishing to deepen their knowledge of actual mapping softwares, image creation and production of permanent installations.


    Conducted by Laurent Novac (CH).
    An exploration in the field of generative art and the use of physical principles for the generation of objects, both 'implausible' and 'natural'.

    3D LED FASHION (May 26 to 29)

    Conducted by MadMapper creators Boris Edelstein (CH) & François Wunschel (FR).
    This workshop will offer a full range of practical applications on LEDs and video mapping using MadMapper, a software from GarageCube and 1024 architecture.

    STAGE DESIGN (May 25 to 28)

    Conducted by Adrien Boulanger (FR), Pierre Turlotte (FR) & Rochel Mancip (FR).
    How to set up a scenography in the Zoo Club (Geneva). Participants will go through all stages, designing, building and operating the scenography.

    Module programming with Modul8 (May 22 to 24)

    Conducted by Andy Teasdale (UK) & Gaël Lupin (FR).
    For three days this workshop will offer a full range of tools for module programming using Modul8, a software from GarageCube.

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  • Mapping Festival

    Only a few days before the release of the full Mapping Festival program, but now talking about something serious. This 9th edition dedicates a greater part to an indispensable step of the creation: experimentation.
The first part of the 10days Festival will be dedicated to a series of rich and various program of workshops which will be revealed below. The second part will be devoted to audiovisual performances, clubbing parties, AV lives and architectural mapping. All overseen by a series of installations at the Headquarter of the Festival inside the Building of Contemporary Art (BAC). But let's go back to the workshops program.

    More informations about subscriptions:
    >>>>> www.mappingfestival.com <<<<<

    STAGE DESIGN (from May 5th to 8th)
    &#8232;Workshop presented by Adrien Boulanger (FR), Pierre Turlotte (FR) and Rochel Mancip (FR).&#8232;Mapping Festival and Zoo parties are well-reputed for their impressive scenographical projects. In 4-days of workshop, learn how to study the venue and the music style of the event in order to create, install, test and project on a scenographical structure.

    LED AND VIDEO MAPPING (from May 5th to 8th)&#8232;
    Workshop presented by Boris Edelstein (GarageCube/CH), Franz and Pier (1024architecture/FR), MadMapper creators.&#8232;For 4 days this workshop will offer a full range of practical applications on LEDs and video MAPPING using MadMapper, a software from GarageCube and 1024 architecture. Tired of boring presentations ? Tired of boring programs ? Tired of boring complicated hardware ? Apply for the whatever workshop !

    PAINT MAPPING (from May 3rd to 6th)
    &#8232;Map-painting workshop presented by Mike Latona (BE) and Jessica Champlaine (FR).&#8232;From map to landscape, from landscape to portrait. During the 4 days of work and plastical experimentations of this workshop the participants will be invited to create murals, paintings or 2D and 3D projection supports, on which will be projected the animated and/ or filmed images they will have created on the theme of map, landscape and portrait. Using the basic visual expression techniques (collages, painting, construction...) but also more sophisticated ones (numerical image, post-production video, mapping...) the workshop participants will reach the peak of their experience during a presentation of their work.

    HOMEMADE 8 BIT (May 3rd and 4th)
    &#8232;Workshop presented by Claire Fristot (FR)&#8232;Nostalgics of Tetris, Atari and disk games: at High Definition time, take pencils and scissors to make your handmade pixels. The 8-bit aesthetic has many to invent, even when it is homemade and mixed with current technology! The objective of the workshop is to initiate the participants to the process of visual content creation for live performance, without any limit in creativity and content, starting from raw material (paper, collages), to numerical matter (After Effects animation and then live animation). Participants will have to handcraft 8-bit visuals (characters, graphics, etc), scan them, vectorize them, and then animate them using After Effects, in order to intergrate them to their live set.

    DATA ART (from May 5th to 8th)&#8232;
    Workshop presented by Laurent Novac (CH) and David Grunenwald (CH).&#8232;The workshop will start on a team creation during which participants will be introduced to various aproaches coming from the fields of data visualistion, generative art and interactive design. Participants will then be invited to experiment and create visual and interactive representations through Processing tool and Java language.

    VJING-MAPPING INITIATION (from May 3rd to 5th)&#8232;
    Workshop presented by Ilan Katin (DE) and Gaël Abbeg Gauthey (FR).&#8232;Modul8 is an application designed for real time video mixing, MadMapper is a simple and easy video mapping application. This workshop proposes a global sight on the interface and functions in live video performance. It will present the theorical, practical and technical aspects that are useful in this field of both software.

    &#8232;Workshop presented by Philippe Chaurand (FR).&#8232;Millumin is a revolutionary tool to create and perform audiovisual shows, from theater to videomapping, from dance to interactive installations.It has many great features to integrate easily video and interactions on stage : timeline, multiscreen/softedge, videomapping facilities, collaboration with other devices/softwares, etc. Millumin is different. Because it has a clear and intuitive graphic interface. Because it is closely build with user feedback. Because it aims to give complementary and creative tools (via Millumin&#8217;s lab).


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  • Mapping Festival

    Vous nous l&#8217;avez réclamé sur Facebook, vous l&#8217;avez désespérément cherché sur notre site web, vous avez même tenté de nous voler des infos sur Twitter, mais rien n&#8217;y a fait, nous avons su garder le secret jusqu&#8217;au dernier moment.

    You&#8217;ve asked for it on Facebook, you&#8217;ve desperately looked for it on our website, you&#8217;ve even tried to rob us information on Twitter, but there was nothing to do about it, we&#8217;ve kept the secret until the very last minute.

    Moins de deux mois avant la huitième édition du Mapping Festival, qui se tiendra cette année du 10 au 20 mai à Genève, nous nous décidons enfin à vous en dévoiler le line-up.

    Less than two months before the eighth edition of the Mapping Festival, taking place this year from May 10th to 20th in Geneva, we&#8217;ve finally decided to reveal the line-up.

    Pour cette édition 2012, le Mapping Festival reste fidèle à son leitmotiv «Visual - Audio & Deviant Electronics» et vous présente du mapping architectural au Musée d&#8217;art et d&#8217;histoire, vous emmène dans une baraque foraine, vous donne l&#8217;occasion de découvrir La Gravière, vous invite à une Secret Label Party, un nouveau label audiovisuel, et vous fait perdre vos repères avec des créations telles que Dieu est un DJ, Loop me ou La Caputxeta Galàctica.

    For this 2012 edition, the Mapping Festival remains true to its motto "Visual - Audio & Deviant Electronics" and presents architectural mapping of the Museum of Art and History, takes you on a fairground stall, gives you the opportunity to discover La Gravière, invites you to a Secret Label Party, a new audiovisual label, and you lose your bearings with such creations as Dieu est un DJ, Loop me or La Caputxeta Galàctica.

    Vous voulez en savoir plus? Nous y venons... Cette année, nous avons décidé de vous faire découvrir notre programme par étape. Vous trouverez plus loin le line-up gobal, mais quelques focus suivront, pour faire durer le plaisir! Mais ne vous laissons pas languir plus longuement... Ladies and gentlemen, voici le line-up du Mapping Festival 2012:

    Want to know more? We&#8217;re getting to the heart of it ... This year, we&#8217;ve decided to unveil our program by step. You will find below our full line-up, but some focus will follow, to keep the party going! But let&#8217;s not make you languish any longer... Ladies and gentlemen, here is the line-up of the 2012 Mapping Festival:

    @ Le Commun - Bâtiment d'art contemporain /// 10 - 20/05
    Vernissage/Preview: 10/05

    Aleksandra Dulic (CA) In a Thousand Drops... Refracted Glances
    Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ/FR) Eyjafjallajokull
    Frederik De Wilde (BE) UMwelt-VIRUtopia
    Danny Perreault (CA) Flow
    Pascal Dufaux (CA) Déjà vu
    Daniel Canogar (ES) Scanner

    @ Musée d&#8217;art et d&#8217;histoire /// 19/05
    Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists (HU)
    Apparati Effimeri (IT)

    @ Théâtre du Galpon /// Fonderie Kugler /// Cinéma Spoutnik /// Théâtre de l'Usine
    Insectotropics (ES) La Caputxeta Galàctica
    Insanë (CA/CH) Dieu est un DJ
    Sculpture (UK) Unstable Modular Collage
    Casper Electronics (US)
    Tasman Richardson (CA)
    Chloé Tallot + Arnout Hulskamp (FR/NL) Possible Versatile Routine
    Yilab (TW) Loop Me
    Michael Vorfeld (DE) Light bulb music
    TVestroy (CA)

    Cie Nejma & A-li-ce (FR) La Baraque Foraine 6.1

    @ Zoo /// La Gravière /// La Fonderie Kugler
    Discodeine (Kill the DJ/FR)
    Remain (Meant Records/FR)
    Vosper (Meant Records/CA)
    El Hijo De La Cumbia (AR)
    Nekochan (FR)
    Label Commercial Suicide Party (UK)
    Ras Mali (CH)
    Tempo Moderno (Discotecario Doca et Actaruss1) (BR/IT)
    RomBeads (K.O.E/CH)
    Monkey Freakz (CH)
    Dirty Mad Sounds VS The Hiiters (CH)

    @ Fonderie Kugler /// 12/05
    Lancement officiel d'un tout nouveau label audiovisuel! Les meilleurs artistes du moment et chouchous de longue date du Mapping Festival, tous réunis autour d'une journée entière de conférences, performances, et bien sûr de fête. Le tout saupoudré d'un grain de folie, pour un évènement wild! A suivre de près...

    The official launch of a brand new audiovisual label! The best artists of the moment and long-time favorites of the Mapping Festival, all gathered around for a full day of lectures, performances, and of course party. A wild event, keep an eye on them...

    MadMapper (CH/FR)
    TagTool (UK)

    Et toujours / And as always,

    @ Cinéma Spoutnik /// 18-19/05

    Plus d'infos soon..
    More info soon...

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