• maiseyferret

    Hi there,

    Complete Pd novice here! I've been using Scratch (yes, the children's coding software) to make some installation art and I'm making the leap to Pd.

    I've just finished an installation of some wind chimes hooked up to a MakeyMakey, which in turns triggers audio to play. Currently in scratch that looks like this but I'd to learn how to re-create that in Pd so I can improve on it (scratch has pretty awful audio quality of 22.05khz sampling rate, and is in mono).

    From a brief google I've discovered I'll need to use the [key] object for my button presses, and then [readsf~] to read the list of 16 sound files I've already made. Can I get some help in how best to re-create my scratch patch in Pd? It would also need it to be polyphonic as there are 6 different input keys (one from each chime).

    Thank you in advance!

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