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    I decided to login after some 12 years away from this forum - I miraculously remembered the password! - and as I went through my posts I found this random "tasty L&M's" post!!!! What the hell? I never posted that! hahahahaha
    Well, I don't know how this happened, but it's funny and embarrassing I guess?
    Cheers to all, good to be back :)

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    Moving this topic to its due place.

    I took up the subject in the middle of the thread started by mattblack, regarding the analysis of a sound wave in several bands, so that he could milk out different midi information from each slice. He was going for visuals (the guy is in Coldcut!!!!).

    Then I had the idea of using my dj mixer as a midi controller, using pretty much the same principle: feed two channels in the mixer with different sine waves and have them translated somehow into midi information.

    This is what I have so far, simple as a newbie would do it:
    The volume fader now convert to midi (0-127), and instead of using two different sine waves, I just sent one signal to the left channel and the other to the right. The whole processing is done like this, in parallel.

    The output of the mixer is fed into the AUX input of my soundcard (it took me a while to realize the MIC input was mono!)

    I still kept the sines far apart - the original idea - in their frequencies (200hz and 2khz), but I don't see any use now that the signal is separated like that. The crossfading works neatly.

    I can't find the specs for my gemini mixer, or else i would have made three separate bands (cloning the specs) and send them to each channel, so that the eq knobs could be hacked into sending midi info, too. That would make the whole rig more than 2 faders!!

    I ran into a lot of noise, and it takes some calibration.

    The latency in PD had to go to 256ms so that it wouldn't go crazy as Ableton started, which makes the response laggy, in the end. Also (and most annoying of all) I don't know how to make the numbers calm down. Is there a way of rounding them down? They stay put in 127, for instance, but the decimals are always moving (like from 127.21 to 127.98)

    And there's stuff I left undeleted so that I can go on experimenting.
    My first patch, after all. And as a proof of concept, IT WORKS!

    Any ideas, comments, suggestions, just shoot!

    Oh, and thanks for the tips, hardoff!


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  • lemniscarte

    gimme a thousand of those tasty l&m's, will ya?

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  • lemniscarte

    thanks for the quick reply!

    i'm having some problems with my soundcard here, will have to fix it before anything else... anyways, i'll cook something up and will post in another thread, so that this one remains about the MAM patch request.


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    hey, good night everyone.

    just wanted to say that i came home thinking of something cool to use as a controller for my next gig (just some simple loungy stuff), and thought of pd, which i'm just beginning to learn. so i googled "pd audio to midi", looking for a way to pull this one off:

    i thought it'd be neat to use an old mixer (regular, the common dj/audio type) like this: have some white noise (or simple, clean sine or whatever) go through all 3 channels and use the differences the output would have (by changing volume and frequencies with faders and knobs) to send midi messages, exactly the same kind of translation mentioned by the very illustrious coldcut man up here. and the date says like, 2 days ago! ha!!! incredible.

    my other ideas for pd and processing all try and subvert something in this same way - something practically every computer has is a mic input, so why not use it the wrong (fun) way? a solution for three different midi channels coming from only one audio input could be solved by allocating the frequencies to the 3 dj mixer channels. the bassiest ones in channel one, mids in channel two and trebles in the third. the thing is: it doesn't have to be ass-kicking complex, but cheap an innovative. maybe one single midi channel would be fine, and have the eq cut knobs chance the cc that will be sent. that would cool actually! retrofitting an audio mixer to function as a midi controller without the costs... i like it!

    so, guys, you'll have someone else checking back on the development of the MAM, heheh ;)

    and, since i'm a total newbie, i don't know if i'll be able to accomplish this by the time i'm supposed to be performing (dec. the 15th), but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, i'd love to hear.

    cheers from brazil!


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