• larrygus

    hey people!

    i am working on osx, ver 10.8.2

    i am sending noteout messages from PD over to Ableton Live via the IAC driver, but after a certain point ableton live ignores the messages, and this has to do with the fact that live itself is getting confused by the timestamps.

    on the ableton forums people found that the solution is to add the timestamp with the midi message, and some people managed to achieve it for C++ and Python as explained in those two posts;


    so, i am struggling to find a way to change the timestamp of a noteout message but i can't do it.

    any ideas?

    hope i was clear enough :)

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  • larrygus

    hello there and sorry for bothering you people :)

    i spent quite some hours already searching for it, and i keep coming to the same problem:

    when going to midi preferences, i only get to see 4 input devices and 2 output devices, and i cannot add any more than that .... although in each individual form, i can get to choose from my actual 5 IAC Drivers....

    i tried by starting up with the midiindev and midioutdev flags, but to no avail... nothing is different

    so, is there an actual limit for the midi devices? (and specifically for the output devices) or am i just doing something wrong? :-/

    thanks a lot in advance!

    *edited in order to add some specifics

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