• kronikle

    Yeah that was the problem.

    I solved with a simple "slash declaration".
    This link has been useful too.

    Anyway I re-installed everything, did a reset of path system directories and now the libraries folders aren't locked anymore.

    Thank you!

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  • kronikle

    I started recently using Pd on Ubuntu and I have some struggles.
    Now I'm using 0.49 Pd version.
    After installing the external, i.e. mrpeach, I can open the help patch and use it.
    But.. if I restart pd, creating a new file and try to create a packOSC object, pd can't create it. Then if I open the help file everything is ok and I can create the object in every new patch.

    What's wrong? Never happend to me, neither on Debian or Windows or Mac.

    The strange thing that's it's happening is that everything I save (externals and patches) are always locked. I'm not the owner of the file.
    So I think that there is an error about permission and installing process

    Thank you

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