• krighxz

    Hi everyone!

    Our lab has made a new high-performance embedded platform called Bela (http://bela.io) which is designed for creating digital musical instruments and interactive audio systems. We've been developing this for the past two years, and we just launched it on Kickstarter:


    The most important unique feature of Bela is that it has extremely low latency of less than 1 millisecond between action and sound, which is a lot faster than anything else out there. There are also some useful features for profiling sensors and a built-in browser-based development environment. Basically it is the platform I have always wanted for my own audio projects and instrument building, and now we're excited to be launching it to a broader community of musicians and engineers.

    The board doesn't run Pd directly, but patches can be compiled using Enzien Audio's Heavy compiler - so you can address all sensor IO's from the patch.

    The project is open-source hardware and software, and the campaign is run through the university.


    Bela tech details:

    Audio: 16-bit stereo audio I/O at 44.1kHz
    Audio power output: 2x 1W 8ohm speaker amplifiers (available when powered from DC jack)
    Analogue In: 8x 16-bit analogue inputs at 22.05kHz
    Analogue Out: 8x 16-bit analogue outputs at 22.05kHz
    Digital channels: 16x digital GPIO at 44.1kHz or 88.2kHz
    Analogue I/O is also software configurable to give 4 channels at 44.1kHz or 2 channels at 88.1kHz

    More info:

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  • krighxz

    d'oh! I don't know how I missed that part of the help file. Thanks!

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  • krighxz


    Has anybody noticed consistent noise (~20hz) when using the [line] object to do linear interpolation on control rate signals? See the attached patch for more clarification -- basically I get less noise when literally setting the frequency of the oscillator at a rate of 1ms than when interpolating between messages at a rate of, say, 30ms.


    In case you're wondering -- I know using signal-rate line object is the way to go in these situations, but I'm curious to understand what's causing this noise, as it's not the behaviour I expected.

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