In case anyone was curious, I chose to use 32-bit for now so I can continue using the Soundhack externals.

    Peace and love to you,

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  • KNW

    In case it is relevant, I noticed that there is a / after the first cyclone but not the second listed in the warning:
    WARNING: duplicate 'cyclone' library found!
    '/Users/Kurt/Library/Pd/cyclone/' is active
    '/Users/Kurt/Library/Pd/cyclone' is duplicate

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  • KNW

    Hi friends,
    I know this an old thread but I have an identical seeming situation and this solution is not working for me.
    Has anyone had the warning: duplicate "..." library found on Mac and NOT had deleting the preference file solve problem?
    The warning appears when I open the Browser. Two copies of cyclone are shown in the Browser (one with a (2) after it).
    I put the cyclone folder in Users/Library/Pd
    and added it's path in the path section of preferences.

    Please excuse me if this a dumb question; I'm afraid I will alwys be a noob when it comes to loading Pd externals!


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  • KNW

    Hello friends!
    I am planning to switch from pd-extended to the latest version of vanilla .
    I would like to add libraries using Deken so I can run my old patches.

    Can anyone explain the pros and cons of 64-bit vanilla compared to 32-bit?
    I want to pick the one which is compatible with the libraries I used in extended.

    I'm using a mid-2012 macbook pro running osx 10.11.6

    Thank you!

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  • KNW

    Sorry !
    Please ignore my hasty post. I figured out that I was just making a silly mistake. It seems my Mac won't let me write files anywhere above my user folder. Yea!
    I'm new to this, should I leave this up or just delete the whole topic?

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  • KNW

    I am trying to set up pd 43.4 extend on a Macbook Pro with Yosemite. I did download x11.
    Some things have been acting erratically.
    I am not getting any sound file written by writesf~.
    I tried many different file paths in the open message and i tried .wav and .aiff but nothing happens.
    I printed from writesf~ and it says:
    state 0
    fifo head 176384
    fifo tail 0
    fifo size 524288
    fd -1
    edf 1
    Is there something new about the way this works that I am missing?
    Any ideas would be awesome,thanks,k

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