• khanhvd21

    Hey folks! i've recently run into a situation in which i have to recompile an external currently only available for mac ("pd_darwin") to a Windows platform. the code was ported from the original C/C++ code of the Mutable Instrument module called Plaits. basically it's just a release of the DSP code as a PD object. it's hosted here:

    he's including the xcode project but i believe the code itself is just straight .cpp files wrapped into the PD external template code. i think he's using the pdlibbuilder library that's been recently released, but i have had absolutely zero experience with compiling the source for different platforms. the meager amount i know is you use a command line and probably the Makefile but i know some of you have done this, and so i'm wondering what one should do to compile this for a Windows build. shoutout to @porres for some help (since you did the ELSE libraries) do i need to use/install MinGW? i have a macOS and Windows 10 machine, but if i recall it's not necessary to have a Windows box to compile a DLL for that platform. anyway, any help appreciated!

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