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    turns out it was corrupted audio from the headphone jack. i'm so happy it wasn't the software! and i've never been so relieved to have something wrong with my computer! lol

    i found this out when testing on another mac & testing on a firewire mixer - so i'll be buying one of those for now

    thanks for the help - attached is another test patch that is unnecessary i guess, but may have some useful tools for the organ


    edit - noted

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    Hello again - Sorry for the delay.

    LandonPd, I tried the patch with the array and the sound breaks up far below the the -1 to 1 limits. If I record the loudest 'clean' signal out to a program like audacity, it's definitely reflected as a weak signal. If I amplify the audio in audacity to fit the -1 to 1 limits the same crackling distortion emerges.

    Gilberto, I wasn't able to fix the issue with the limiter. It does the job initially, but if I compensate afterwards to get a sufficient gain level, the distortion comes right back.

    I think you might be right about the 'algorithm', but I'm confused about this since the patch seems to be basic additive synthesis with osc~s.

    Here is one more patch with a simple two-note chord. I get distortion at *~6 with a weak signal in the array window.

    The high *~ values I believe are just balancing out the low *~ values at the output in each voice-abstraction.

    At some point I'll try sampled sine waves and see if that helps


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    with a single note, i can amp up to near *~10 as well. it's when i play a chord that i hear the crackling distortion. i get this as low as *~ 2 with three notes (i used midi notes 45, 49 and 52), with 4-5+ notes, forget it...

    my volume is at max and i tried different headphones to be sure. perhaps too many layered oscs~ ?

    on a side note check these out -- also from tobias:



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  • kenny_t

    thanks for the reply gilberto.

    this is a hammond organ sim i found here by tobias, with some reworking.

    it sounds great, but the max volume without distortion is very low.


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    i find it difficult to build synth sounds using the pd oscillators and amp them to sufficient levels without hearing distortion when playing 3+ note chords. this is especially the case with lower notes in proximity to each other

    if i turn overall gain down, obviously it goes away. however this is a relatively low volume when compared to external sound through pd or even playing samples. i've used lop~, hip~, tanh~, clip~ and limiter~ to no avail

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