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    Thank you, this is a fun patch :)

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    @palaver said:

    Hey all, I know this is an old thread, but considering the difficulty I had in locating a good footswitch/trigger, I thought I'd add to the recommendations here in hopes that someone else may find it useful. What I've been using for the last few months is the Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2. It consists of TEN buttons (actually d-pads that can send x/y-axis pressure and loads of other data, if you take the time to program it) plus one giant d-pad/internal patch browser that can also be customized. It communicates via MIDI note, CC messages, or OSC, and also accepts commands to activate LED lights and a four-character display to give the user some feedback from Pd. While it has a hefty price-tag, it is indispensable to my current efforts at designing a multi-loop phrase looper inspired by the Echoplex Digital Pro in Pd, and I have about 20 ideas of how to use it in the future with Pd and other hardware/software.


    How do you like the SoftStep2 so far??

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    I just discovered the SoftStep2-there's a nice article on the Keith McMillen site about this very topic:

    Just ordered a QuNeo for use with PD.

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