• Kane99

    I am trying to get Gem working on my Mac Catalina 10.15.7.

    It worked - kinda - for a little bit but whilst I was trying to get it to use my webcam it started coming up with this error message:
    [gemmacoswindow]: failed to init GLEW: your system only supports openGL-1.0 [gemmacoswindow]: unable to switch to current window (do you have one?), cannot render!

    I have two Gems on my Mac and I have attached screen shots to show what they are titled.
    [link text]Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 18.34.55.png
    Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 18.34.52.png

    Please could someone save me from ruining my case study, thanks...

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  • Kane99

    It depends really, the more interviews I can do the better so I am more than happy to interview people with different sonic experiences as long as it has something to do with PureData, Digital Audio, MIDI & Sequencing or Sound Synthesis.

    Do you have some interest in being interviewed @jameeslo ?

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  • Kane99

    Hi, my name is Kane Lister and I am currently studying for my MSc in Audio Engineering and I'm looking to gather some primary research through interviews with members of the PureData community for my case study.

    Question will include what different functions do you include in your PureData Synths, what's Synths you like and have you have based any of your synths off of existing synths, etc...

    I will be extremely grateful for anyone who participates, thank you.

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