• juliemus

    Thanks @weightless! I'll definitely check out Ardour. I've been chatting to different people and it looks like I definitely can't use GarageBand with multiple channels

    I've got that trial version of Reaper, but personally wasn't able to work it out. Think I'll have to save it for the summer holidays.

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  • juliemus

    Hi guys!

    I'm very new to Pd and any sort of programming really (so please correct any errors I've made with the jargon!).

    Bit of background info: I'm on a Mac (running OSX Yosemite Version 10.10.3), and I'm using Purr-Data. I'm working on a sequencer patch based on Terry Riley's in C, using Garageband in conjunction with Pd through makenote/noteout.

    Here is the patch in question:

    Sequencer 7.0.pd

    I was wondering if there's a way to use different instruments from GarageBand within the one patch? I wanted to have each "phrase" hooked up to a different instrument.

    I'm assuming you'd need to each instrument set up in separate bus channels through IAC driver and then send the MIDI info to those through noteout...? However I've heard you can't actually set up different bus channels in GarageBand. If that's the case, would anyone be able to recommend a similar (ideally free) program for Mac that would be able to do this?

    Also any other feedback on the "in C" patch is welcomed, I am eager to improve!

    Thanks :)

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