• julibla2

    Hi guys! i am trying to connect Pure Data and Processing by OSC. Yesterday when i did the conection between the two programs it was succesfull. But today, i get this problem:
    i am working with the port 11112, If i open pd first ,and then run the processing sketch i get this message of processing:
    "ERROR @ UdpServer.start() IOException, couldnt create new DatagramSocket @ port 11112 java.net.BindException: Address already in use: Cannot bind"
    If i open processing first and then pure data, processing listening the port 11112 without any problem,but the error in pure data that i get is:
    " dumpOSC 11112
    ... couldn't create",
    if, for example i write dumpOSC 11111 (and processing stills in 11112), the dumpOSC object
    is created normally.
    I think is a UDP problem but i cant find the solution anywhere, Please, does anybody know what the problem is? THANKS!!

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