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    Hey folks, new PD user. I have just set out to creating the filter described in the subject line, and I'm curious before I go too far whether this has already been created.

    My use case is, I am a longtime guitar/vox who has more recently learned keys, and I would like to integrate my sustain pedal (CC64) into one of the switches on my FCB-1010 rather than have another device on the floor/dangling wire.

    Long story short on the FCB-1010 is, the only option for Sustain Pedal type functionality, where it notifies the midi out that I have raised my foot, is by sending a NoteOn/NoteOff on a specific channel. It's actually an incredibly frustrating device and I plan to get the Uno upgrade put in as soon as I have spare cash, but in the meantime, this seems like a job for puredata. I own a Zynthian, which runs PureData and provides my Piano sounds, so in theory this would just monitor channel 16 for one specific note, and send out 127 or 0 to CC64 to its output (I believe that PD's output will be available on the chain I place it in, but I haven't sorted that out yet...) on that specific note only.

    I'm wondering, this being such a simple filter, if maybe I shouldn't have a go at writing an LV2 filter instead, but in the meantime, has anyone already implemented this filter? Is there a Midi Filter Collection page somewhere round here that I could browse?

    I feel a bit out of place when I look at many of the tutorials, cause while I am a gadgethead and I do appreciate synths, I don't tend to use any generative stuff like arpeggiators and whatnot, though I'm trying to wrap my head around the loopers and sequencers Zynthian implements, now that I'm invested in a platform. But I guess I'm not an "electronic" musician, is my point I guess. Using midi came hard and with a lot of pain. :>

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