• josephrr181

    Hey everyone, got a question on a piece of code I've got.

    I'm working on a vocoded theremin, and I'm trying to get it running in a gallery. It will run fine for a bit, but then two windows will go blank -- namely, the one with the main vocoder and theremin bits of code, also incidentally the ones that have movement on them in sliders showing volume and theremin input levels. The vocoder one will sometimes glitch with the volume sliders kinda showing up, but will mostly be blank.

    When I restart the program it works fine for a bit, but then it goes blank again a while later (unsure on exact timing).

    The theremin uses an ultrasonic distance sensor through arduino. The mic is running from a blue snowball mic. Computer is off wifi, recent and updated mac desktop.

    It seems like this is a glitch in Pure Data itself, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know why this happens and how to stop it? Or maybe what to do when it happens besides restarting the whole program? Really want to get this working smoothly.


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