• JoseFuzzNo

    @LiamG nice! I'll try it. Surely it's lighter than mine.

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  • JoseFuzzNo

    I updated some of the modules and added a README with screenshots.

    Next thing I need to do is reimplement the sequencer. It is based on the [grid] object and it is too heavy. Does anyone know a way to implement a lightweight multislider with variable number of sliders?


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  • JoseFuzzNo


    I've been working on a library of abstractions that behaves like a modular synthesizer. It has all the usual modules: VCO, VCA, ADSR, VCF...

    All modules work with audio signals from -5 to 5 "volts". Control signals are usually from 0 to 5 "volts". As in modular synthesizers, control signals can be used to make sound and viceversa.

    I recommend using pd-l2ork. All externals used in b4p are within this package.

    You can download it on this link:

    There is a couple of examples in the "examples" folder.

    Any feedback will be appreciated.


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