• jb89

    does it exist? i read in the documentation for the latest release that sysex was fully supported on all platforms as of version 0.39.0

    "MIDI sysex messages should now work on all platforms."

    unfortunately i couldn't make a sysexout object, only sysexin.
    any information would be excellent!

    i'm running 0.40-2 on a ppc running os10.3.9

    many thanks!


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  • jb89

    hi all

    first post here.

    just downloaded pure data last night.

    great stuff ;)

    so far i haven't been able to find an answer to whether or not sysex data can be generated and output via midi.

    any insight would be really appreciated.



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  • jb89

    thanks a million for doing that research, truly appreciate it ;)

    externals, hmm ... maybe it's time to learn.
    looks like i've jumped head first into PD here !

    looking forward to anything you might find out,


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  • jb89





    maybe some hex conversion is in order?

    here's what i've tried

    messages with 1st hex values then decimal values (which i think obviously won't do the trick since the module is expecting hex values_?) to midiout.

    no dice.

    then some attempts at caturing incoming sysex data.
    again, no luck using inlet (midiin is unfortunately not supported on os x) or ctrlin.

    one little interesting thing, when i have set up messages and banged them to midiout, i get an error: midiout: no method for 'F7' which i think proves that PD doesn't natively understand hexadecimals.

    any ideas for capturing sysex data using PD with os 10.3.9 would be extremely well appreciated.

    i'll have another go ...


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  • jb89


    i thought there might be some sort of sysex object that would output hexadecimals ...

    thanks obiwannabe
    (nice site by the way ;)

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  • jb89

    @luigidelduca said:

    yes, probably. but now I'll try to run it on my Atari ST ;-)

    i've got some free time right now and am about to delve into coding for Atari.
    anyone know of something similar to PD for Atari?
    any ports?
    i've always thought it would be great to have something similar for Atari.

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  • jb89

    hmm .. ok

    i'll try using message boxes and get back

    many thanks

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