• jakey

    I am working on an input system for vanilla Puredata that uses held key events, using [key], [keyup], and [change]. I had it working on a school computer earlier today, but when I opened it at home [keyup] was broken, firing immediately when a key is pressed. I also noticed that they [keyname] 0/1 output didn't sustain key presses. I'm on a iMac running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. The other computer was also an iMac, but I don't know what version of Mac OS it was running. I think they also have the same keyboard.

    This feels like it might be an OS error, but I couldn't find anything about the problem anywhere else. I tried messing with the Key Repeat setting, but turning it off only results in a single keypress event that immediately keyups. Has anyone else had this problem after updating to Sierra? Does anyone have any wild tricks up their sleeves about how to remedy it either through the OS or through a PD workaround? Thanks.

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