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    Hello everyone,
    working on a drummachine patch and trying to use my akai apc mini as control surface I´ve noticed a strange behaviour.
    I´ve assigned each fader to control drumsounds volumes and everything works ok as long as I use one fader at the time. As soon as i play with more faders at the same time midi stops to work. This problem occurs even with just one fader when "played" too fast.
    I´ve tested my apc controller with a midi monitor and everything seems ok. The controller works ok with all of my other softwares.
    I´ve also checked the behaviour with other midi controllers and they don´t give me this kind of problem.
    PD doesn`t output any error message.
    Next days i will try to replicate the situation on a windows and a linux environment.

    Any idea where the problem could be track down?
    Any hint would be appreciate.

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