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    I'll surely do. I check everyday this thread! Haha.

    It's just that this patch is Soooo0OOOooo useful to me.... but i am repeating myself!

    What would be useful for live playing is two different loadrunners. One for loops'n beats and one for leads, fx, etc.

    That's stuff way above my head. But i'll try to start digging into PD. What i'll try to do is to build some DIY interface to trigger the samples, effects, ...
    So that it becomes more playable for a live set. Something that you can jump and run around with! I'll know how to spend my holidays!

    Do you know the teenage engineers?

    This looks like a cool thingy to mod. It will be capable of recycling live radio transmissions and sequence it, ... well, many things more of you read the specs.
    Especially the sequencer will be very cool.

    Take care,

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  • impure

    Oh yes,

    the ability to control the volume of the all the different effects would be most welcome as well.

    It like writing to Santa Claus ;-))



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  • impure

    Hi everybody,

    As mentioned to hardoff; i enjoyed his patch very very much.

    I opened PD, then Jack and then Live.

    (if you guys need info how to route the signal then just let me know).

    It rocks like hell ;-)

    Getting both signals in seperately into live would be even better, and maybe hardoff is going to work it out.

    I am looking forward!

    Thx already for yr generosity!


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  • impure

    Hi Hardoff !

    I am a noob to Pd but i had great fun in playing my samples with your a-gig-in-tokyo patch. Many many thanks!!!

    As i am -currently- more into music and less in programming i wondered if it would be possible to upload a new version of a-gig-in-tokyo patch that allows me to send the two audio signals separetely into ableton live using Jack.

    That would be awesome!

    No obligation of course.



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