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    So, I was super excited to discover that there's a faust2pd utility, not because I use faust, but because there's also one that does faust to ladspa. My thinking is that if I can port a pd patch to faust, I can then re-port it over to ladspa and use it in Ardour...

    The only problem is that faust2pd doesn't appear to work backwards, i.e. pd2faust. Does anyone know of a utility capable of this? Because that would be incredibly awesome.


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    So, I've built myself a wonderful little wavetable synth which I've hooked into Ardour using Jack. I built it originally as a standalone and so didn't really think to include any syncronisation stuff. However, now that I'm using Ardour as a MIDI playback device, I'm finding that my patch doesn't receive a MIDI-off when I stop playback. I've since added a little panic button, but it would really be preferable to not have to switch to the patch every time I hit stop. I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start, so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this or similar issues regarding pd-Ardour interaction.


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    I'm running the Bunsenlabs Hydrogen distro of Linux Debian on a Acer Inspire V5 with a RealTek soundcard. I upgraded from Pd 0.46.2 to Pd 0.47.1 and discovered that Pd couldn't recognize my soundcard. This was surprising because with 0.46.2 everything worked perfectly out of the box, both MIDI and audio.

    0.47.1 only offered OSS and portaudio as options even though I have both Alsa and Jack installed. Furthermore, my Alsa is completely up to date, as is my Jack (I run an apt-get update/upgrade once a month).

    I have now downgraded back to 0.46.2 and the soundcard recognition and playback are both working fine again. I don't get it, but, well, there it is.

    I am seriously not a boffin and couldn't possibly hope to speculate on what the deal might be, but I just wanted to report the problem.



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