• howlinthurston3

    covert.ascii2pd will probably work

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  • howlinthurston3

    Hey, sorry for the late reply,
    I created the folder /pd-externals but pd-extended doesn't seem to find it on the pi.
    I am not sure how to do the compiling but it seems easier just to have the external and my patch in the same folder.
    Thanks a lot.

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  • howlinthurston3

    What I have found is that even if I can't install the external, I can still use it if it is in the same folder as the patch I'm using.

    That kind of sorts it for now but it would be cool to know how to do it anyway.


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  • howlinthurston3


    I have switched to raspberry pi to make my project more portable.

    My pd patch starts with comport--->convert.ascii2pd.

    As I have understood, the external I use on my desktop won't work on raspberry pi.

    Does an equivalent exist for RPi? How difficult would it be to adapt it?

    Any clues/ideas appreciated.

    Thank you!

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