• honkyhobbit

    I'm trying to compile Gridflow on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy on a Pentium4 laptop.

    Has any one succesfully comiled on ubuntu?

    I have been able to get so far using the synaptic package manager to find most missing things, (when I do it again on my desktop I'll write down all the packages I needed and post it here for others) but I am stuck on a couple for things that I can't find info on in the forum. I have PD-extended which I installed using the deb installer.

    When I run ./configure I get

    This is the GridFlow 0.9.2 configurator
    [gcc3] GNU C++ Compiler 3 (or 4): --------------------------------------------> found
    [stl] C++ Standard Template Library: -----------------------------------------> found
    [gcc64] GNU C++ in 64-bit mode: ----------------------------------------------> missing (runtime error)
    [pentium] Pentium-compatible CPU: --------------------------------------------> found
    [mmx] MMX-compatible CPU (using NASM): ---------------------------------------> missing (return false)
    [x11] X11 Display Protocol: --------------------------------------------------> found
    [x11_shm] X11 acceleration by shared memory (XSHM plugin): -------------------> found
    [sdl] Simple Directmedia Layer (experimental support): -----------------------> found
    [objcpp] GNU/Apple ObjectiveC++ Compiler: ------------------------------------> missing (where is objc/Object.h ?)
    [quartz] Apple Quartz/Cocoa Display: -----------------------------------------> disabled (would need objcpp)
    [aalib] Ascii Art Library: ---------------------------------------------------> found
    [netpbm] NetPBM 10 Library: --------------------------------------------------> found
    [jpeg] JPEG Library: ---------------------------------------------------------> found
    [png] PNG Library <libpng12/png.h>: ------------------------------------------> found
    [videodev] Video4linux Digitizer Driver Interface: ---------------------------> found
    [mpeg3] HeroineWarrior LibMPEG3 <libmpeg3/libmpeg3.h>: -----------------------> found
    [quicktimeapple] Apple's QuickTime: ------------------------------------------> missing (gcc compilation error)
    [quicktimehw] Plaum's LibQuickTime (try #1) <lqt/quicktime.h>: ---------------> missing (gcc compilation error)
    [quicktimehw] Plaum's LibQuickTime (try #1) <quicktime/quicktime.h>: ---------> missing (where is quicktime/quicktime.h ?)
    [quicktimehw] Plaum's LibQuickTime (try #2) <lqt/quicktime.h>: ---------------> missing (gcc compilation error)
    [quicktimehw] Plaum's LibQuickTime (try #2) <quicktime/quicktime.h>: ---------> missing (where is quicktime/quicktime.h ?)
    [puredata] PureData (or DesireData): -----------------------------------------> found
    [desiredata] DesireData: -----------------------------------------------------> missing (gcc: error: 'gobj_subscribe' was not declared in this scope)
    [gem09] PureData GEM (source code) with m_holdname: --------------------------> missing (gcc: error: 'm_holdname' is not a member of 'CPPExtern')
    [gem08] PureData GEM (source code) without m_holdname: -----------------------> missing (gcc compilation error)
    [opencv] Intel OpenCV: -------------------------------------------------------> missing (gcc compilation error)
    [fftw] FFTW (Fastest Fourier Transform in the West): -------------------------> found

    What I can't figure out is:
    I have a Pentium 4 with mmx, I have installed NASM and I found a package called intel2gas but it didn't help. No idea what to try next.
    I have a quicktime.h in /usr/include/lqt so not sure why it doesn't find it. I haven't edited the configure file and the INCLUDE_PATH is already set to /usr/include.
    Where do I need to put the gem source files? I downloaded the gem files and I have the src folder with all the source files in it...
    Whats the benefit of getting openCV? Do I need the dev packages too?
    And I have gobjc++4.2 installed which says its a GNU Objective C++ compiler, is this what I need, + how do I get gridflow to find it?

    I had a look at the configure file but couldn't make sense of it.

    Please can any one offer any hints? I really want the '#labeling' thing I read about here http://createdigitalmotion.com/2007/01/18/open-source-motion-tracking-with-multiblob-for-gridflowpd/

    ps the article says to get pure:dyne, but it doesn't have the latest version of gridflow :( but I do know its getting a big update and switching to debian installer soon :)

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  • honkyhobbit

    Put this in command line, you may have to tweak it a bit

    mplayer -framedrop tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=300:height=400:device=/dev/video0:fps=30:outfmt=i420 -vo aa -monitorpixelaspect 0.5

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  • honkyhobbit

    Its been a while since I tried this, but its looking for the Gem source files, I'm not sure I ever succeeded in this.

    Maybe some one who knows the routine will post step by step instructions...

    For a Puredata install with all the add ons including gridflow try pure:dyne, they have now released a debian version and if you add their repos you can just install PD with Gem *and* gridflow.

    Hats of to these guys...


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  • honkyhobbit

    Hi nestor, this one? http://puredata.hurleur.com/sujet-1753-linux-ruby-gridflow-compilation-problem

    I don't have a ruby problem, I was just wondering about the other errors, none of them matter too much it just means I won't have quick time support etc. I looked at config.log, just about figured out what some of it means.

    I got Gem support by adding the path to the src folder, which is what it plainly says you need to do in the instructions. Sorry for being an idiot. I did need to rename configLinux.h.in though, and it says its found Gem08 when I'm sure I've got Gem09 source files.

    the objective C++ error is because its looking for that file in the gridflow folder, it ain't there.

    the quick time errors are gcc errors not can't be found errors, so I'm not going to pursue. There is mention in the installation instructions that some gcc,g++ versions are troublesome...

    I made anyway, and the gridflow.pd_linux file was created, which I got loaded by putting it in the extra folder and editing default.pdsettings, and the examples work fine.

    When I create '#labeling' it has four inlets and no outlets, any one used this before? It seems like a really cool object, would love to use it...
    screen shot here http://gridflow.ca/gallery/multiblob.png

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