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    No problem, I'm living in Germany and understand German... ;)

    As I have researched, at least Max/Msp and some other VJ softwares can't work with the Intensity's outputs and inputs paralelly. I don't know how Pd handles this. Overall the Intensity seems to be a little beast, since you have to have the right chips on your mainboard, it can't handle every input resolution and some other bummers. But at least for laptop it seems to be the only solution, which I can afford and has the specs, I'm looking for.

    So yeah, I probably have to find an reseller, who will take the shuttle back, if I can't use it, and just test it.

    If I have some results, I'll let you know.

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    Hi Johnny (are you actually that German hip hop artist?),

    At the moment I'm using an older desktop computer with AMD quadcore, 4GB RAM, Nvidea graphics card and Windows 7 Professional, but I will get a new computer in the next 2 months (not sure what exactly yet, but it will be probably a windows driven workstation laptop or rackmount pc, which has more power than my actual one).

    The Intensity looks quite interesting, it costs about 200€ at the moment, which could be affordable. I might get it lent for testing by a local video artist and if it works for me, I might save some coins more and get it myself.

    Just for understanding: If I have this, can I route the signals of Pd on the Intensity video outputs (so it practically serves as a "video input and output card") and route some other signals to my build video card, so I can use both's video outputs simultanously? That would be great and another pro argument to buy it... I'm also no friend of "buy cheap - buy twice"...

    I've bought a Terratec Grabby USB 2.0 rescently for 40€, which actually works with Pd, but I have a latency of about 1/3 second. Maybe this is enough for the show I'm planning, since at the moment there is no wish by the group to have the picture on the TVs be lip-sinc. If it's got to be synced with music, it won't work though.

    For use with gem it is important that it is usable with quicktime.

    Could you explain this a little? Because I've thought in the worst case the signal you're getting from the input interface is translated into QT, so there shouldn't be a problem except having a bit of latency for the translation progress...

    you mind to tell what project you're working on?

    You mean which show exactly in which theatre? If you are really interested, drop me a pm. Otherwise I would like to keep it for myself in public. :)

    Thanks for the input so far. :+1:

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    Looks nice, I will definetly check it out :)

    Still searching for some hardware though...

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    It's not I'm too lazy to do own researches, but maybe you guys have some experience for helping me with the project I'm planning.

    I want to use a live cam on a theatre stage, stream the video signal into Pd, add some (maybe audiowise triggered) effects and put the signal to some older TVs on stage in (almost) real time. As you can probably imagine with as low latency as possible, but it hasn't to be perfect.

    We have a Canon Legria HF R26 camera (which gives out HDMI and Composite video) and some Composite switches (cinch to cinch). As far as I know now, Composite is more reliable than HDMI on growing cable distances, so the quesion for is:

    How to get the signal into the computer and out without having too much latency? I probably would need to buy some kind of video grabber (card or composite to USB?). Please note we are a small theatre group which needs to save every coin we can, so we can't pay 300$ for some Matrox device...

    Could you give me some hints for more affordable but also reliable hardware to work with?

    Thanks in advance!

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    That helped a lot. That and trying other movie formats... It seems Pd (or my machine) has trouble to handle .avi files at the moment. I converted them into .wmv, did some audio settings and it's working pretty good now.

    Yesterday night I built a video controller and mixer and Pd ran like 6 hours without a crash or hang. :+1:

    Great software, looks like I will have much fun with it.

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    I've got new problems :-/

    A simple movie player (pix_film with a small .avi), which worked 2 days ago, fails now.

    First it plays in Gem, then it hangs for few seconds, plays again, after a while it stops and I get the message "filmDS: Setpositions failed".

    Maybe it has to do something with my sound setting?

    I'm using an Edirol UA25 interface and have Asio4All installed.

    When I have started your batch and .pd I have several choices of inputs and outputs:

    If I choose Asio:


    • (0) Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
    • (1) IN (UA25)
    • (2) Asio4All v2
    • (3) UA-25


    • (0) Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output
    • (1) OUT (UA25)
    • (2) Asio4All v2
    • (3) UA-25

    If I choose standard (MMIO):

    Input: IN (UA-25)
    Output: OUT (UA-25)

    The results differ from getting the "filmDS" message instantly to getting it after 20 seconds.

    Something seems to be cursed here. :-/

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    Seems to work :+1:

    The terminal didn't even start. I managed it later yesterday night to run the .exe as administrator.

    But overall Pd run more stable on my netbook than on my main machine.

    Will report later, if it gets better now.

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    Since today I have strange crashes on Windows 7 64bit.

    Either pd.exe or pd.com crashes when executed.

    I had Pd-extended 0.43.4 installed and it worked for days without problem. Today I've tried to load a .pd which I worked on at another computer (same version): pd.com crashed. I've tried to start Pd normal: pd.exe crashed.

    I tried an uninstall and re-install, it's installing without problems, but doesn't create shortcuts.

    I've tried running it as administrator, rebooted computer.

    What's wrong here?!

    "Problem details" by Windows:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: pd.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 5100f299
    Fault Module Name: pd.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 5100f298
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0005300a
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1031
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

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    Works. Thanks!

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    I'm new to PD and to this forum, so happy that I've found this software.

    I have an AKAI MPD218 which is generally recognized by PD, knobs are working through ctlin, but the pads don't. Any idea what
    the problem could be?

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