• Herr Bargeld

    I'm very new here but try to be as accurate as possible.
    I built a simple 8-Step sequenzer to start with.
    My problem is that as soon as I tick the DSP there is a harsh high pitched buzzing sound.
    Apparently it's intependent of what I built 'cause it works fine on my friends computer and the noise is still on when the sequenzer is off. I played arround with the latency which didn't help. My input is the mic and my output the standard speakers.

    It would be great if someone had an Idea.

    Cheers in advance,

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  • Herr Bargeld

    thanks for the patch! already had a lot of fun playing around with it on my polyphonic synth. Still I can't manage to set the loop length properly to for example just loop four notes (120bpm) on time. I tried it while having a metronome running. The first loop is always on time but after it everything gets out of order.
    I attached my synth. It's still pretty messy but it's the second thing I did on pd.


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  • Herr Bargeld

    Thank you! Really helped me get started with polyphony. I'm wondering. Is there a way to put the osc~ outside the sub patch. I'd like to switch between different waveforms effecting all voices at the same time.

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  • Herr Bargeld

    ok I'll just attach the file. I use an Akai Lpd 8 midi controller to move the sliders. My input says: microphone (Realtek high definition)
    My output: speakers (Realtek high definition)


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