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    Well first of all I should say that I'm very new to Pure Data, and this is the first time I'm using it on a real project. It's still a bit confusing for me, and there is a kind of complicated setup for what I'm trying to do,

    Short question (my take on the issue):
    Is there a way to assign a Pd patch to separate tracks in a DAW,? Like making the patch into a plugin.
    Or is there an audio device that I can use with my DAW that supports multiple output channels, so I can assign each track to the desired patches within Pd.

    Long explanation:
    For this project I'm building a live music+visuals set with a band. I use a DAW to receive the sound of a full band via mic and line inputs on an USB interface. I also use a built-in sampler and synthesizer to play on certain songs and interact with the band, while sometimes also playing plain audio files that are too on separate tracks.
    For the visuals I use Resolume Arena. As I kind of also play in the band (with the synth and the sampler), I need to be able to operate the visuals in a very simple yet interesting way, so audio-responsive effects are a nice option. I want to be able to assign as many parameters as I can to be responsive to the individual audio tracks that come from the band and my instrument. So my idea is to use the MIDI mapping feature on Resolume, which gives me many options.
    On Pd I found a patch that takes audio signals and interprets them via [fiddler~] giving out MIDI. Now I only need to assign individual instances of the patch to individual tracks, and then restrict each of their MIDI output signals to a different note range so I can map them to Resolume.

    In a perhaps less confusing way, this is what I need:
    Starting point: live audio feed and audio files on DAW tracks
    Ending result: A distinct MIDI signal for each track.

    I hope this is understandable. If you can come up with any other way of achieving the main goal of this proyect (make audio responsive visuals on Resolume via MIDI mapping) and would like to share it, I would really appreciate your ideas.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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