• gits_vi1

    I was looking for simple solution for brickwall hi pass and have found your library. It looks very usefull
    Thank you!

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  • gits_vi1

    Just wantd to thank.....Thank you, Hardoff

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  • gits_vi1

    Same problem here.
    Is there filter~ that works with vanilla on win 64?

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    @emviveros said:

    You can't use 32 bit version in your system?

    PD tries to load it but says ".................\Pd\extra\convolve~.dll: couldn't load
    ... couldn't create"

    the source code, you can try open a issue and try to compile yourself

    Yeah, but since i am not a coder it is a challenge for me.
    Looks like i have to try

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  • gits_vi1

    I have win 10 64 bit
    I am trying to install [convolve~] but it is not showing up in deken. Looks like there is only 32bit version http://puredata.info/Members/wmbrent/software/convolve~

    Can i make it work on my system?

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  • gits_vi1

    Yes, I made it work, i have loaded 3 instances of my "1 core limit patch" via pd~ in the 4th "super-process" patch, but it seems like 1 core is still about 100% load. Looks like it is one that does DAC, I run the whole thing at 192khz but it still freezes, but less then before so pd~ does the job.

    Automatonism have 4 chanell mixer that does DAC, when i remove it the core that is heavy loaded is dropping the load.

    Is there a way to make sure that new pd~ subprocess is "send" to ANOTHER core then "super-process" patch ?

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  • gits_vi1

    Hi guys!
    I am noob in pd, but i enjoy patching with Atomatonism.
    Now i came to the limit of my 1 cpu core, pd started to freeze, but other cpu cores are almost not loaded.
    I have googled pd~ object but i just don't understand how to use it.
    Can someone explain it to me?

    The idea is to have sub patches (1 patch = 1 cpu core) clocked by common clock (synced).
    Is it possible?


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