• giraffe

    i cant load the xsample library into PD.

    i wrote to thomas grill about it and here is his answer:

    > Hi Alexandre,
    > you want to use xsample with PD, right?
    > The -lib thing is a remainder of older PD versions, nowadays (with
    > 0.39) it's much easier:
    > Drop the xsample binary into pd/extra, start PD and find the
    > "startup..." menu point (file or system menu). Add xsample in one of
    > the lines there.
    > When restarting PD you should get some lines on the PD console that
    > xsample has been successfully loaded.
    > You should be able to use the three contained objects then (try loading
    > the help files)
    > all the best,
    > Thomas

    > PS. By posting to the PD list, other xsample users could either help
    > you (instead of me), or learn from your problems.

    his answer
    goes beyond my comprehension.
    where do i drop which binary ?
    i use an extended version of pd: Pd-0.38.4-extended-RC7, so i can use
    it with jack os x.
    i just have an icon of pd with this name in my extensions folder. thats it.
    where can i drop which binary ? there is a file thats called "xsample.pd_darwin"
    in the xsample folder i downloaded at thomas page. is that's the binary ?
    im ok with the start up part. i know where to find it, but which lines do i add there ?

    at least i knew how to join this list and post this message. thanks to thomas again.


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  • giraffe

    thank you for your answer. i know now what the binary file is.
    i still dont know where to drop it.

    i also realised there already is one file like this installed in the pd
    that im running (pd-0.38.4-extended-RC7 for use with jack osx)

    still, when i add it in the start up like you guys advised me,
    pd prints out the message that it cant load the library.. since you both work on a different
    OS i guess thats all i can ask for for now.

    if you or anybody has any idea how to help, please let me know : )


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