• giair

    Is there a smart way to move dynamically subpatches in a main patch ?
    I have fun with "donecanvasdialog" and "relocate" messages, but I think the only way would be use motion messages and simulate mouse selection.
    Do you see another way ?

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  • giair

    Hi pd lovers,

    Do you know an abstraction or externals for spatialize audio between 4 or more audio output.

    I know [audience~] from Yves degoyon : [url=http://ydegoyon.free.fr/software.html ]http://ydegoyon.free.fr/software.html

    but it crashes my pd. I don't know why. I'm under windows 2000 with pd 0.37.
    May be I didn't install it correctly.

    Do you know other objects may be more simple ?

    thanks ,


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  • giair

    I'm trying to play a file and loading another file in another table.

    I've some digital artefacts "clics". How do you think do this without "clics".

    the aim idea is generative music, a non-stop music. I must change sound files in the same time that playing others.


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  • giair

    I've installed demudi1.2 Linux distribution. And Now, I don't know where could I edit the pd startup files to put my preferences and path for abtractions.
    the path please ...

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  • giair

    I don't know if there is bug with this object. But all the messages send do an error in the Konsole. like :
    "error: vst~: no method for " " "

    It is the same with sfplay~ object (for me)


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  • giair

    hello I've done some abstractions to use the object QList as a preset recorder and player. It allows to record a stream of number too.
    The help is in french. I'll do an other better in english.

    the differents views:
    1 - - - view one.
    2 - - - view two

    downoad all

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  • giair

    is anyone used it?

    I will try to use with a laptop which control the master computer.

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  • giair

    here you can see the main idea of Pure Data for french people:
    [url=http://giair.music.free.fr ]http://giair.music.free.fr

    if you have any comments, say me ...

    For anyone who could do french documentation for avanced field in Pd like synthesis, samplers and others...

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  • giair

    Hello, I'm developping this project. We should write the list of objects in english soon. If you have any questions, me an email : abel dot jerome _a_ free dot fr.

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  • giair

    I saw your patch before. It's very nice.

    My needs :

    • I want one window opened in fullscreen.
    • The window is split in 2 areas : a menu and the main content area. I want something like a tab navigation.
    • With the menu buttons, I want display subpatches or abstractions in front of all the others, to take whole content aera.

    Is it clear ?

    I thought enable GOP for the abstraction selected by a menu button, and disable GOp for the others. Then move this abstraction in the right coordonates and size.

    In fact, I would like to find a way where I can avoid 2 patches opened.

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