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    Fantastic, this works!

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    Is it possible to parse the namespace of OSC messages in MobMuPlat?

    MobMuPlat handles OSC communication in a wrapper patch that provides a message called 'fromNetwork'.

    Say the OSC message is: /level1/level2/levelN format value
    It has the format: [path format value]. The path here uses a namespace that subdivides according to levels.

    With oscparse, the namespace in the path could be parsed like this :
    netreceive -> oscparse-> list trim -> route level1 -> route level 2 ... route levelN


    With MobMuPlat's 'valueFromNetwork', is it still possible to "route" the value of the message according to the namespace? Since valueToNetwork contains a list where the first argument is the entire path, I can only split the first argument from the remaining arguments:
    receive fromNetwork -> route list -> route /level1/level2/levelN

    But I can't further split within the path itself to divide leve1/level2/levelN:
    receive fromNetwork -> route list -> route .level1 -> route level2 -> route levelN.

    Is there a way of doing this?

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