• fschuman

    Can OSC-formatted message be send via TCP/IP in MobMuPlat ?

    I'm encountering reliability issues with OSC messages in MobMuPlat. They works well for dynamic values, but sometimes a command to set a static parameter gets missed that is critical to my use case.

    In the PdWrapper patch that simulates the internal of the mobile version on the desktop, this should be rather easy to do: add parameter 1 to the netreceive and netsend objects.
    (as e.g. here: http://write.flossmanuals.net/pure-data/send-and-receive/ )

    Can netreceive and netsend be changed to use TCP/IP in the mobile version of MobMuPlat as well?

    ( This was asked in the puredata forum once, but I can't find a reply to it: )

    Thanks, Frank

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  • fschuman

    Fantastic, this works!

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  • fschuman

    Is it possible to parse the namespace of OSC messages in MobMuPlat?

    MobMuPlat handles OSC communication in a wrapper patch that provides a message called 'fromNetwork'.

    Say the OSC message is: /level1/level2/levelN format value
    It has the format: [path format value]. The path here uses a namespace that subdivides according to levels.

    With oscparse, the namespace in the path could be parsed like this :
    netreceive -> oscparse-> list trim -> route level1 -> route level 2 ... route levelN


    With MobMuPlat's 'valueFromNetwork', is it still possible to "route" the value of the message according to the namespace? Since valueToNetwork contains a list where the first argument is the entire path, I can only split the first argument from the remaining arguments:
    receive fromNetwork -> route list -> route /level1/level2/levelN

    But I can't further split within the path itself to divide leve1/level2/levelN:
    receive fromNetwork -> route list -> route .level1 -> route level2 -> route levelN.

    Is there a way of doing this?

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