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    For display issues, such as a mob/NPC appearing with an incorrect name or your map not loading correctly, you may want to try using the /reloadui command. If that does not correct the issue, please recover your client using the following steps:

    Launch the Glyph patcher
    Sign in to your account
    Right-click on RIFT in the top-left corner of the launcher and select the "Repair" option.
    When prompted to begin file recovery, please click the "Yes" button
    Allow the repair process to go through
    Re-launch your game

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    many thanks for sharing the informative post.
    Pd-extended was built to be an easy-to-install and thorough assembly of available libraries, extensions, and documentation. Unfortunately it is no longer maintained. Say it again:

    Pd-Extended Has Been Abandoned And Discontinued. The Last Release Is Several Years Old. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK (Or Rather Not)
    Pd-extended has two main goals: provide a standard collection of libraries and distribute core modifications to Pd itself. Providing a package that includes many libraries not only means that they are easy to use, but also acts as a standard platform so that patches can be used across many computers easily. Pd-extended includes most of the libraries from the pure-data source code repository. It is generally the most complete assembly of all available libraries, extensions, and documentation.

    In terms of modifications to the core, Pd-extended aims to feel like a native app on GNOME GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. It also includes a number of community-added features like experimental string support and a visual design meant to improve readability.

    The aim is to keep it completely compatible with Pd-vanilla. That said, it is possible that incompatibilities will be introduced during the development process, these should be reported as bugs. Pd-vanilla is not always compatible with Pd-extended, though, since Pd-extended has some extra features with Pd-vanilla does not have.
    fixed autorepeat suppression for [key], [keyup], and [keyname] on Windows (thanks to Aayush Surana)
    fixed for changing the midi api under linux and a few other fixes for OSS midi handling (thanks to Pranay Gupta)
    fixed menu item in Pd console for OSX
    added a stop-gap shortcuts file for (most) current keybindings
    fixed bug handling certain encodings in filenames under Windows (thanks to Alv_ro on the Pd Forum for reporting it)
    split out l2ork version from s_stuff.h to make development easier
    fixed regression with Windows when socket connection gets reset (e.g., when quitting from the terminal with <ctrl-c>)
    made autopatch y-offset distance settable in the Preferences dialog
    fixed bug where array name wasn't getting updated
    ported [drawtext] from Pd Vanilla
    enabled keyboard entry for [drawsymbol]

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