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    Eighteen-year-old Shen Qiang says he soon thereafter began winning Canadian contests, and came in Canada in 2004. He will be a proud representative of the Canadian Olympic team this summer. While he didn't immigrate explicitly to further his table tennis career (he came with his family, who live in Toronto), he's happy with Table Tennis Canada's sports app, and is looking forward to the autumn opening of this new 24-hour training centre in Ottawa, so that he can work harder on his sport. Produced in northeast China, Shen first picked up a paddle at nine. He quit college to proceed to Harbin, a town 300 kilometers away, to train full-time and represent the province of Heilongjiang and had left home. The contest in China was extremely intense, '' he states. https://ok.ru/group/53953306755154/ The athletes trained five days a week, six hours a day; they were paid to train fulltime and compete, he says. "In China, it is very competitive because in the event you do not make results then you will be removed from the team, and if you don't have table tennis without a school, there is no future for you."

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