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    Hey there! I'm trying to find a good and versatile midi controller for pd in general, to get more tactile and hands-on controls for different patches. While researching I stumbled upon lots of different controllers in different price ranges, starting with fader/pot controllers like the korg nanokontrol or novation launchcontrol (xl), midi keyboards like the arturia keylab/minilab and akai mpk (mini), or endless encoders like behringer x-touch (mini), faderfox uc4/ec4, or the intech grid controllers.
    I'm always struggling with decisions and therefore thought about asking for your experiences. I'm especially worried about multi mapping the controls to different pages/layers and how the controllers behave if the pot/encoder is in a different position. so if you'd like to talk a bit about your experiences with midi controllers, what works best for you, what you think is important to consider, and how you implement midi controllers in your patches and/or performances, I'd be very thankful!
    Kind regards, f.

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