• elcraydo

    It's a new laptop, and after fully updating windows 10, [comport] seems to be working! (It looks like I got some new USB drivers).
    Serial data is now being received by pduino.

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  • elcraydo

    Hi, I did have a search through the mail archive before I posted. But met dead-ends or info that went over my head. it seems like a fix was found here:

    I found more recent builds here, but not recent enough, and they didn't resolve the issue:
    Although some search results are dated 2016, the most recent version of the comport.dll that I've found is from 29/5/2015 (two months before Win10 official release).

    I'm a novice arduino user, but things seem ok in the IDE. Can see board info, upload sketches ok.
    As a semi-functional workaround, I've got the arduino talking to Processing now, and sending OSC to PD. But I think the Processing Arduino library is limiting my Mega to Uno pin totals (0-5 analog, 2-13 digital), and is pretty heavy on system resources, causing lags in PD.
    So Processing is handling the serial data ok on Windows 10, but I'd prefer to be able to use [comport].

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  • elcraydo

    Hi guys, this is my first post. I hope I'm putting it in the right place.
    I'm trying to connect an arduino mega to PD on windows 10, but when I select the correct port through pduino, I get a series of RX ERROR reports in the console, then a pause, and then a continuous stream of similar errors. Neither analog or digital inputs work, but I can pulse the built-in LED ok. Everything seems to work ok for me on my win7 and XP machines.
    I've read that [comport] was incompatible with win10, but that it may have been updated since then. The most recent version of comport.dll that I have found is from May 2015, which is before win10 official release.

    Have you experienced this issue? Thanks for any help!

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