• el_Nacho

    I don't get it. I'm using the latest Pd version but since some time the vbap extension doesn't work anymore. Even when I open the demo patches, its got a dashed red line arround it. When I message "define_loudspeakers ..." (still in the help patch) it returns
    error: vbap: no method for 'define_loudspeakers'

    What did I do wrong? I even reinstalled Pd to make sure I didn't fuck things up even though I didn't mess with properties and libraries except audio of course ...


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  • el_Nacho

    Hi everyone, my name is nacho and I'm new around here ...

    I always wanted to get into Pd but just recently I started this little project which uses a existing 3D sound systems based on two 7.1 sound cards (14 speakers, 1 woofer, two creative audigy 4)

    I already found out about the vbap extension (vector based amplitude panning) which is exactly what I need.

    Now the problem: It seems Pd cannot handle the different outputs. Nether with MMIO nor with ASIO (I tried asio4all as well as creative asio which doesn't output anything).

    I've attached the patch I use to send noise to the different speakers (to only one card for starters). With most configurations I get only output on 1 and 2.

    The creative test applications work perfectly fine. I use Windows XP, just thought about trying it with a Ubuntu Studio Live CD but in the end I'd have to use win since another project on that computer must be ready for demonstration.

    Thanks for your help on advance ... looking forward to wire the shit out of Pd :)

    ... nacho


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