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    It does work now thank you

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    @FFW ok I will read more on trigger thanks!

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    *file attached at the end


    Im new to Pure Data and currently working on a EDO gen with 3 osc. My question is not about
    my project itself as I am exploring and unfolding as I go.

    Here's my problem:

    I have 3 oscillators, all of them are fed a frequency with an alogrithm, which is the same in the 3 cases. To determine the frequency theres two main input(both variable in the project) that matters: 1 - "d" which is essentially a note and 2 - "t" which is the temparement, the amount of division of the octave. Now I want that when either one is changed, the change in frequency happens automatically.

    In my project, this works with osc 1 and osc 2, but not with 3. With 3, changing "d" will give the desired result but changing "t" necessitate 2 bangs before actually outputting the desired results.

    This is odd since all 3 osc patch are the same, yet the 3rd of bugs out.

    Thanks for reading all that and any help is welcome :)


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