• Doug_Meatloaf

    Thanks ingox!
    It seems that what I need is that simple.
    Works perfectly.

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  • Doug_Meatloaf

    I need help implementing logic.
    Let me explain :

    I have a MIDI sampler and I would like to take control of the rate (speed/pitch) via MIDI CC messages.

    The rate goes from -2x (reverse) to 2x (forward. It takes CC values from 0-127.

    With a value of 64, the rate is at 0, so the sampler on pause, kind of
    With a value of 127, the sampler plays forward 2x the original rate
    With a value of 0, it plays reverse 2x the original rate
    And with a value of 95, it plays forward at the original rate (1x)

    Here’s what I’m trying to achieve :

    I would like to be able to play with the rate and at some point, momentarily, thru a CC message, jump to the opposite side with the same rate ; for example, from 1x to -1x or from 0.5x to -0.5. I know that from 1x to -1x need the CC value 95 (1x) and 31 (-1x). I found that by subtracting 64 to the CC values received and I get the value that correspond to the reverse rate value of the sampler. But I get confused when I send values below 64, then I get negative values. It would be great if when I get under 64, then the logic would be reversed and I would get values over 64. I don’t know if my explanations are clear.

    Thank a lot for you help.

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  • Doug_Meatloaf

    With your [cc] abstraction it works!
    Thanks a lot again oid!

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  • Doug_Meatloaf

    Thank you very much for your quick answer oid.
    I will take a look at your patch.
    Here's mine in case.

    relative encoders to MIDI CC.pd

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  • Doug_Meatloaf

    I have a controller with rotary encoders that sends relative values ; 63 when turned counter-clock wise, 65 when turned clockwise.

    With two encoders, I want to control the In/out point of a MIDI sampler.
    The values needs to be between 0-127 for the In/Out point of the sampler.
    Also, I want to make sure that the In/Out points values does not cross each others.
    I made patch for this purpose that works fine.

    I then route these values to the [ctlout] object.

    With the Sampler receiving these MIDI messages, the problem I get is that if I turn the two rotary encoders into opposite direction at the same time, both values seems to be confused by the other. I’m wondering it it has to do with the way I format the message to be outputted by [ctlout].

    Does anyone has an idea what is going wrong?
    Thanks a lot for any help.

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  • Doug_Meatloaf

    Thanks a lot jancsika for your quick reply.
    You have cleared things up for me.
    I will stick with Pure Data Pd 0.48.0 for now until the day, hopefully, GEM external might be available with Purr Data - L2ork.

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  • Doug_Meatloaf

    Hello All.
    I'm new to Pd.
    I've been working with Max for several years and now I would like to learn how to work with Pure Data.
    The flavor I'm interested in is the Purr Data - L2ork because of it's improved GUI.
    Since I'm working with video, from what I understand, I need the GEM external.
    I'm on OS X and my question is : does GEM works with Purr Data - L2ork on Mac OS X?
    From what I can see, it does not seem, but I'm having a lot of difficulties to find this answer.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

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