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    This solved it! Thanks a lot! :D

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  • DireOrange

    I'm fairly new to Pure Data, but thanks to several tutorials I managed to somehow get close to what I want to achieve:
    I want to change the pitch of an audio signal live, by pressing the keys on my midi-keyboard. This I have managed to do, but now I also want to be able to press several keyboard-keys at once in order to create a chord - for instance pitch-shift the audio signal to a C and E and a G at the same time.

    I tried to combine this Pitchshifter:

    With the Poly-setup discussed here:

    The pitchshifter works by multiplying or dividing the frequencies of the audio signal.
    If I want to be able to produce 4 notes at the same time, my guess is that I need to have 4 different pitchshifter-setups that respectively are connected to the nodes of the route-output.

    The problem with this is, that if I for instance only would play one note - one voice of the midi keyboard so to say - one pitchshifter would play my desired note, but the 3 others would still play the untransposed audio signal.

    Is there a way to check how many keyboard-keys are being pressed or which voices are being active, and then accordingly mute the pitchshifters?

    Polyphonic Pitchshifter.pd

    Thankful for any help!

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