• davrind


    I have a problem with touchOSC causing pd to crash.

    It's this combination that crashes pd every time:

    1. use |routeOSC| to extract the values from touchOSC
    2. switch between pages on the iPod
    3. no error message, but crash

    I've tested it several times with the modified basic.pd patch from http://hexler.net/docs/touchosc-getting-started-osc: no problem at first, but then a crash when |routeOSC| is added.

    So, I assume it has something to do with the mrpeach library, since there are no issues with midi or with |dumpOSC| alone printing the messages (but I need |routeOSC| to use the messages). Also it's independent on edited or standard layouts of touchOSC.

    Both, the patch an a crash-report are in the attachment. I'm using a 5th gen. iPod + MacBook, OSX 10.6.8.

    I would be really thankful, if someone could help! There were posts about this problem here and in the www - but no real hint for a solution.



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  • davrind

    great! [s2l] seems to make it work. although it can't handle the / at the beginning of the message. so i came up with quite a complicated treatment of the messages in order to get them into the right shape. it's far from elegant, maybe there are better ways to do this? however, it works. no more crashes!

    Gromit: no, the second patch does not crash, but there is no connection to the ipod. when connected with [udpreceive 8000] and [unpackOSC] it crashes again.

    thank you both very much for your help!


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  • davrind

    i am sorry if i was unclear or misunderstood you: yes, i am pretty sure that the page switching causes the crash, but only in combination with [routeOSC]. i can reproduce the crash very easily, it happens always in the moment of page switching.

    i've tested again to narrow it down: only after a second [routeOSC] is added it crashed with page switching. one [routeOSC] is still ok.

    so the crashing patch looks something like that:
    [routeOSC /1 /2]
    [routeOSC /toggle1 /fader2]

    so isn't there some error between the two [routeOSC]?

    thanks for the replies - hoping for a solution!

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  • davrind

    yes, i tried, but no success. it's the same with your patch: as soon as i switch between pages pd crashes.

    although i don't really understand the crash log from console, i think the last 'events' before the crash are two bangs sent from one [routeOSC] to another. they are listed as 'outlet_bang' and 'pd_defaultbang'. and switching pages gives a bang. so is [routeOSC] having troubles with bangs that do not come together with other messages?

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  • davrind

    Yes, same problem here (mac os 10.6.8 - pd 0.43.4).

    Also, I had an issue with subpatches that include abstractions which are graphed on parent: there were error messages about invalid command name, etc. It's something with tcl I don't know anything about.
    However, what solved the problem was to disable graph on parent for the abstraction. It's not a problem in this case, but strange anyhow. Any similar experiences?

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  • davrind

    from what i understand, you could - with some modifications: create a patch that writes the list of presets created in save.me.mmb to a text file.
    for inspiration, i would have a look at SSSAD (another state save patch). there's a post with a link to the complete SSSAD resources. it contains an excellent tutorial about saving presets to text files.

    i also modified SSSAD to a patch that fits my needs. it looks something like the attached file. hope that helps you!


    (sorry, correction: its SSSAD not SSAD.)


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