• DaveGraham

    Hi guys

    Thanks again for you help in other parts of the forum, i now have GEM working perfectly :)

    I just thought I'd see if any of you would like to be involved in some of the projects I am trying to get up and running.

    Firstly, for those who play and instrument and read music, I have a score made up of short musical fragments, that i would like people at home to record and send in to me, after which I'll layer and loop them up to create the finished result:


    There is also another one, which doesn't require you to read music...it's a text score which gives you instructions on the rough shape of the sound I would like you to create - and again the parts that get sent ot me will get layered up into an "orchestra".


    Hope some of you feel like getting involved - and thanks for your time!


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  • DaveGraham

    apologies for being such an idiot and insulting your forum with my lowliness :)

    I've been having lots of fun with puredata and want to start incorporating some images and possibly video into my stuff.

    I have Pd extended - which apparently has GEM included, although I can fins no trace of it.
    I've downloaded GEM for mac, but the instructions for installing it make no sense with what actually appears once it's downloaded. The instuctions:

    "GEM under Mac OSX

    * Download GEM for MacOSX
    * Unpack"

    All this is fine

    "* copy folder content to your pd installation, under /gem
    * copy or move Gem.PD_Darwin to PDs extra folder
    * start with additional parameter -lib gem"

    These are not fine for me..I don't appear to have a pd installation folder...just the app.
    I also don't seem to have anything called Gem.PD_Darwin
    I've tried about a million variations on the correct link in the startup menu of pd to load up GEM but it never works.
    I'm a bit exasperated now...and desperate enough to show myself up as a muppet in front of you guys....pleeease can anyone help me out here?

    btw I've been lurking for months and picked up many many wonderful tips and bits of advice on here, for which I thank you all.

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  • DaveGraham

    Hi, I'm still very new to pd as well, but this was one of the first things I wanted to do too. This is probably a stone-age solution compared to what others might suggest, but if you take the third output from [fiddle~] into [mtof] and then a synth of some sort, you'll get basic (and very wild) control via your line in. There are problems with it, but it might get you started. You need to experiment with some filtering to get things a bit more under control...
    I used [moses] to divide up the frequencies and trigger harmonisers, other fx and samples when certain frequencies (or ranges of frequencies) are hit.

    I feel like this is a really basic way of doing this, and I'm sure some of the enormously talented folks on here will provide much more elegant answers for you! hope this gives you something to go on though....

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  • DaveGraham

    thank you hardoff, this is quite a body of work!

    Very, very interesting, and mind boggling for a relative noob.

    I'd been puzzling over how to achieve an intensely lush phaser...and here it is! But I have a long way to go before I have an idea HOW it got that way.

    Thanks for uploading what is essentially a magnificent study-guide to pd!

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  • DaveGraham


    you are gods!


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  • DaveGraham

    Hi Maelstorm

    Thanks for that I will look into it. Yes Pd certainly cut me down to size. Funnily enough I toyed with it a few years ago and got nowhere...came back to it a few months ago and have been flying, making all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I guess something in my subconcious and been working on it a bit.

    I do have X11 installed...so i'll have another bash.

    Thanks for the advice...hopefully I shall be up and running now. Thanks especially for the ctrl+click tip - I'm quite new to macs too so all these little things are very handy to know!

    AAAH ok, I found the folder, and Gem is indeed in there. I also found the GEM help files, but when these load up the objects such as "gemhead" are outlined in red, and warnings such as "cannot create blah blah blah" come up....

    I saw there is a thread on this in the pixel# area on this forum so i'll check on there and report back before harassing you lot any further!

    Thanks again for the help....as usual with Pd it's not so much that it's gone wrong, it's that I don't know PRECISELY what I should be doing :)

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