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    I have a PD-extended sketch running on a RaspberryPi (RPI) that plays wav's from 32+ tabread4 array's. They can be selected via OSC messages sent over network. I noticed that every so often the audio would cutout. The following is a recording from PD on the RPI. The cutout is heard clearly at 22seconds and 50 to 54 seconds. This happens with both the internal sound card of the RPI and when using a USB soundcard. Screen Shot 27.png

    For comparison here is a similar graph from running the same sketch on OSX. The waveforms differ because the tabread4 arrays played are a bit random. But the graph shows that the sway from the 0 middle line is much more on the RPi than OSX.
    Screen Shot 26.png

    To attempt to resolve I have to be certain the sketch DAC is given a volume of around 0.5. But perhaps someone knows better what is going on and could advise me?

    Sketch elements:
    Screen Shot 28.png
    Screen Shot 29.png
    Screen Shot 30.png

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