• crasse

    Hi there !

    I got a problem, a very silly one. (and I'm sorry for that ^^ )
    I got a subpatch which got a patching problem, it sends thousands of "error: inlet: no method for 'bang' ".

    Most of the time, It takes a few seconds to find out solution for this kind of issue, but here I don't find it at all. I've checked all my bang message and boxes they're linked to and I didn't find any issue. Anyway the subpatch seems to work well, but it's annoying to have thousands of error message in the PD message window.

    So if anyone can give it a look, It would be very nice :)

    here is the damn subpatch (I just took an exemple and modify it a bit, and you won't be able to make it work cause there is lots of receiver from other subpatch, but maybe you'll see what I didn't see )


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  • crasse

    Hi all !

    I'm trying to send an audio stream from PD to VVVV (in order to create a nice visualiser according to the sound), I got no problem to receive or send simple data (like floats) between vvvv and pd, but I don't know how to send an audio stream with [sendOSC] (I didn't find any clue in the help file)
    Is it possible to do it ?

    Edit: Ok, finally I manage to do it without OSCs (by capturing sound directly from my soundCard in vvvv)

    But, I would like to send 3 differents audio stream from pure data to vvvv (from 3 different abstractions, I would like to create a visualiser for each one, working simultaneously)that's why I'm still looking for a way to send them to vvvv (with OSCs?).

    so if anyone has an idea, please tell me ^^

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  • crasse

    hi there !

    still working on my project ^^ (never give up!)
    Now I got a new issue, I have a metro and I want it to start (toggle on) when a certain value is above 2 (and stop/toggle off when this value is under).
    I tried with a [>], a [sel 0 1] under and bang under it, (bang linked to the metro's toggle) but when it's above 2, it bangs repeatedly, so it's toggling on/off constantly, and I would like it to toggle just one time when it come above 2 and then toggle another time when it come under.

    Is there any way to do it ?

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  • crasse

    Hi everybody !

    I got a problem with a line ramp, I try to make a ramp with variable values by using the $ sign, but I always got for $1 and $2: "argument number out of range".

    here is a screenshot of it:

    I looked in the help patch about dollar sign but I didn't find answer about that.
    does somebody know what's wrong with it ?

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  • crasse

    Hi! :)

    I got some datas incoming in PureData (from vvvv), floats which varies in a certain range and I would like to use them to make vary some stuffs (like sliders) in my pd patch.
    But, for example, I got a floats which varies between -0.5 and 0.5, and I would like to link it to a slider in pd which got to vary between 70 and 300.
    Is there a way in pd to adapt variation range simply ?

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  • crasse

    Hi everybody :) !

    I'm on PD since 3/4 hours working on a patch to generate loud beats, but yet I didn't get what I was expecting (I'm still a newbie on PD, so There must be pd'stuffs that I don't know)

    So does anybody know a way or a patch made to generate and manipulate loud beats (without sampling existing ones ) please ?

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  • crasse

    Hi, I'm working on a color tracking interface but I got some problem (in fact, my patch work, but don't properly I think)
    First I show you the patch :

    in fact, as you can see , there is a red dot on the left side of the gem window (i'm shooting a white sheet with a red dot drew on it with my webcam, and with pix_alpha, I mask every colors except red) but [pix_blob] allways calculate red barycenter around x=0.5 / y=0.5 (on the center) and don't change values when the red dot isn't on the center (same for blue and green blob). I don't know why (maybe pix_blob detect red pixels in the black area, i don't really know what is happening) but I really want to track properly red area (like in this case barycenter should be more like x=0.2 / y=0.5.

    so if anyone as an idea to make it track colors area properly, please tell me : )

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  • crasse

    Hi all !

    I got some problems (just 2 don't worry :) )

    First : I'm trying to use [pix_multiblob] , but everytime I try to link it to [pix_texture] (linked to [pix_video] with my webcam in input ) pd crash litterally (so for the moment i use [pix_blob] but there is some more function in [pix_multiblob] I would like to use)

    Second : I'm trying to map different color aera in a videostream, so to do it I link [pix_contrast] to [pix_texture] to clean and saturate a bit my videostream, then I link [pix_colorreduce] to create clear color aeras (and it work pretty good ) but I would like know if it's possible to mask some colors (to turn them to black) to let just one color appearing (for exemple to let just red appear)?

    If anyone know something about these stuff, please share with me ^^

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  • crasse

    Hi all :D

    I'm trying to learn how to use my webcam in puredata, so I create a pix_video object, then I go in the pix_video help menu and in the help window there is 2 patch, one with Gemwin and the other one with pix_video which should display video from my webcam but when I toggle it on, in the main window there is an error :

    error: pix_videoDS: Could not start graph playback, hr 0x8007001F

    I tried to google it, and didn't find anything clear about it. (I read something about it on the microsoft site, they said that it can be solved by installing Windows Media Coder and AmCap, I did it but nothing changed )

    So, Does anyone know something about this error ?

    for information I'm running on XP (sp2) with DX9sdk and my webcam is a
    Creative Live! cam Optia AF

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  • crasse

    oh yeah ! XD

    that was that, the trigger bang was linked to the wrong inlet of [- ] ,I didn't saw because it was aligned with the [- ] inlets (and in fact there was also 2 other [t b] wrong linked to [- ] boxes like this in the lower part of the subpatch, maybe because I did a copy/past quickly)

    Thx so much dude ^^

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