• colinbrogan

    Ha! Ofcourse! Don't know why I didnt think of that.
    I will be posting a dance with your past self patch soon with this knowledge! This was the last technical hurdle.

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  • colinbrogan

    Working on a patch which takes the output of pix_write, and tries to read it in pix_multiimage.

    The problem is that pix_write creates a sequence of images with many trailing zeros like so:


    While pix_multiimage expects a folder of images like so:


    I see nothing in the documentation to either remove the trailing zeros in pix_write, or add trailing zeros to pix_multiimage. The second I rename each file by hand, it works. But I want my patch to pass between these two objects on the fly.

    It is quite annoying that these two patches are not naturally interoperable for such a trivial reason. If anyone knows any work arounds, let me know. I am on the brink of finishing a great patch, where this trivial limitation is preventing some great live video manipulations.

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