• cobtob

    Thanks a lot, weightless.
    I still can´t load the zexy audio-logic operators for some reason. Zexy is definately part of my copy of pd-extended and i have the library installed on the rasPi as well. And other externals from the zexy-lib load and perform normal.
    Hm, but your idea to use expr~ instead works like a charm. For now that´s just fine.
    Thank you!

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  • cobtob

    Hi forum,
    I´m a noob - coming from max to pd beacuse of the amazing posiibilities for mobile installations on battery driven embedded systems. - you know.
    My problem: I can´t load the logical operator externals for audio maths (# >~, <~, ==~, &&~, ||~) as listed here: http://blazicek.net/list_of_pure_data_objects.html
    All other objects initiate as expected in PD_extended_0.42.5 on my Mac. Do i have to install some other library? What could that be? I´d also like to use them on the Pi with installed PD_vanilla..

    me stupid? thanks for a hint,

    My problem: I can´t load

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