• boshdave

    By the beard of Zeus!! I had no idea you could go inside [unsig~].

    Thank you. I can stop banging my head against a wall.

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  • boshdave

    Hi people,

    Can't seem to get beyond a strange timing glitch with [vline~]. I'm using [metro] to bang a [float] that will send [vline~] the message [0, 1 $1( describing its throw and ramp time. For some reason, no matter what the [metro] time is, the [vline~] will only oscillate from 0-1-0 every 300ms. When viewed in an array, you can see the wave of the [vline~] ramp changes as you change the [metro] time and ramp time, but when measured via [timer], it comes out as 300ms.

    I've had the same problem when using [phasor~] too. Here is an example of what I'm talking about: timerproblem.pd

    For my example, I have made the [metro] time and the ramp time different, but in my actual patch, I am trying to send the ramp time through a [samphold] triggered by the [vline~] of the same ramp time akin to Maelstorm's timestretch patch:

    Anybody have any idea whether this is a glitch in my system or am I being dumb? I have the same problem in Pd-extended and Pd 0.49.1.

    Macbook running OSX 10.6.8


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