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    Hi there,

    Fairly new Pd user here having some trouble with .wav files. I have a read object that captures my wav files and renames it so the variable mySound. Later on in my patch, I reference this variable with a tabread4~ object and output it with a dac~. This configuration successfully played my wav file yesterday, but today, I access my patch and I'm receiving a variation of error messages ranging from "mySound: no such table" to "tabread4~: mySound: no such array". I haven't changed anything in my file system since yesterday (when the patch was working), and the .wav file and patch are in the same directory. Why would pd no longer be able to find this .wav file?

    I'm very confused by this and appreciate any advice. If it helps, I;m using Windows 7, and will happily provide more details upon request.

    Thank you so much

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