• Blindekinder

    thank you!

    I tried:
    [mouseover-vu] seems nice!

    I'll try soon maxhotkey.
    I'm sure most pd forks are great, but I want to keep full compatibility for now.

    I'm not a new user, but I don't use PD very often. Johannes videos about intelligent patching helped me a lot!
    about (non-)edition mode: I know about ctrl+e, I was meaning a difference between both modes, like hiding wires or so...

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  • Blindekinder

    Thank you for that,

    I tried some, it helps!
    Can I install add_object without installing the whole distribution?

    I'm also looking for something that smooth a bit the patching job, like connections in bezier curves and visualize what's going in the chords (which I remember I had in pd-ext), and something like insert function (insert the block between two objects when dragging), adaptive chords drawing, edit/production modes, snap objects to grid, etc...

    anyway I'm working hard on PD these days and it's great!

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  • Blindekinder

    I have new projects in which I will use PD. I didn't write big patches since PD-Extended (!!).
    To work easier and faster I want to install some GUI plugins, but I can't find a ready-to-use collection, and most of the projects I found are older than 10 years (!!).
    Any suggestion on what is worth to install?

    I use Vanilla. I could use other, but I noticed most of other projects have not been updated since many years. I want to be sure I can still open my patches in a near or more distant future...

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  • Blindekinder

    The piece was really nice.
    I used a neumann canon MS at 1m of a small Genelec monitor, and the original speech was recorded with a DPA headset. I raised the quadriphonic PA up slightly during the performance. I killed the too resonant freqs with an eq on the mic input.

    Thank you for your help!!

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  • Blindekinder

    Thank you both!

    I rewrote the patch with delwrite~, it works perfectly, at least in the room i'm sitting in. We perform saturday, I'll tell you how it went.!
    I put some filters plugins on the microphones inputs and speakers output, so I can manage frequencies.

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  • Blindekinder

    Thank you hjh,

    not sure to understand, where goes the delay?

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  • Blindekinder


    I made this patch, whose purpose is to write sound to a buffer, then play it on loudspeakers and record it with a microphone, again and again... at this point maybe some of you will guess the name of the piece it will play ;-)

    First question: can I write to the same buffer I'm reading? This patch works, but there is a CPU peak on each play/record. One of my device crashes sometimes (ULN-8), the other not (RME UCX II)

    Second question: the "loop" can last between 30'' and 2'', so the initial array should be at least 48000 * 120 (after the first iteration it will be resized), but PD warn me it's about to create an array with {a lot of} points! (with some xruns in jackd). So what's the problem with creating a 2' array?

    Thank you for your help!


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  • Blindekinder

    Hi, I'm new on this forum... looks great...

    I noticed these bugs:
    If I select french lang., I get this error when I try to open a topic:

    Warning: require(./lang/French/attach.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /public_html/puredata/include/attach/attach_incl.php on line 13
    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required './lang/French/attach.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /public_html/puredata/include/attach/attach_incl.php on line 13

    And I get one saying It can't send e-mail, as I registered and when I post...


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  • Blindekinder

    Ok, I get a "hack" on PD-List:
    start PD with args:

    $ pd -alsamidi -mididev 1,1

    No more graph connection change...
    Will create two pd midi clients (ch 1-16 & 17-32), and midi autoconnect won't work anymore (which is better I thing)


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  • Blindekinder

    Exactly the same problem... Happens with all midi out objects ([midiout] [ctlout] [noteout])
    It's not a 64bit issue, I'm running Ubuntu Studio 9.10 32bit, and I confirm other clients (Ardour, etc) doesn't make any problem. I tried both internal HDA and FA-101 (wih FFADO drivers).

    pd-vanilla 0.41.4 from Karmic repos... (who knows when extended compilation for Karmic will be released?)

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