• blackdance

    Gem is working in Pd Extended on Raspbian so maybe there's a way to do it in with Pure Data and Gem

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  • blackdance

    Hi everybody,
    I was just trying to explore the possibility to add Gem to Vanilla 0.47.1 under Windows 10 and I made some errors, Now every time i want to acced the startup section in the preferences I encounter the following error: upload-1f05738e-edb8-472f-896f-648d2c10dc93 and cannot enter the startup menu.
    Is there a way to restore the default preferences?I tried to unistall a reinstall Pd with no luck. Where are preferences stored? I tried to delete every PD related entry in the config file, but nothing happened.
    Thank you in advance

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  • blackdance

    Hello everybody,
    While opening the simple_texture patch in GEM examples I get these problems:

    [glsl_vertex]: need OpenGL-2.0 (or at least the vertex-shader ARB-extension) to run GLSL

    [glsl_fragment]: need OpenGL-2.0 (or at least the fragment-shader ARB-extension) to run GLSL

    [glsl_program]: openGL-2.0 (or at least ARB shader extensions) needed for GLSL

    I'm using a laptop running windows 7 and equipped with Nvidia Geforce 820m graphic card and the last version of PD extended (0.43.4)

    Any idea on how I can solve this problem?


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