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    I'm trying to make an abstraction that behaves one way when it is connected to receive input from elsewhere, and another way when it is performing 'solo' so to speak. Is there an easy way to do this?

    Sorry in advance if I've missed something in the documentation.

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    I put a lot of work into figuring this out before I realized that I could do better with just one metro and a bunch of [mod]'s. Maybe you'll find it good for a laugh.

    It has one metronome each for quarter/eighth/sixteenth/thirtysecond notes, and I thought 'hmm I should have it adjust for any differences that accumulate between these.'

    I don't even know how well it works because as long as I sat here no differences between the metronomes actually cropped up.


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    Very simple abstraction, I imagine it's been done before.

    It functions almost exactly like [Spigot], except that it also remembers data received when set to block mode, and outputs that data when set to pass mode again.

    It takes one optional argument which can be zero or nonzero, just like [Spigot].

    Internally it has two versions of this concept working in parallel; one for bangs and one for anythings, with some wires between the two to make sure that receiving a 'bang' doesn't output whatever is stored in the anything slot.

    EDIT: It could take nonzero arguments but wasn't handling them properly from the second inlet, that is fixed now. In addition, it can now take 'clear' messages to lose whatever is stored.


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