• Batgirl1210

    Issue with Attaching Audio Interface to PureData

    So I am having issues with attaching my Audio Interface (Fasttrack) to PureData. When I process the adc~ signal it goes through my dynamic microphone to my computer no problem. Even with Logic Pro X the microphone processes through. However, when I plug it into Pure Data, I change the settings to (Fasttrack USB) and (Input 2) and the signal does not process through Puredata.

    My connection set up is:

    • USBC-> Shark USB Hub
    • Shark USB Hub -> Fasttrack Audio Interface
    • Fasttrack-> Dynamic Microphone

    So I have an:

    • OS Sierra
    • Macbook Pro
    • Fasttrack USB Audio Interface
    • Shark USB Mic and Headphones attached to a USC-C Converter
    • Dynamic Microphone (XLR->Quarter-inch)

    Help? Suggestions?

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